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(Last time updated/checked: 04/08/2021)
Total stores currently listed: 361

~ ~ ~ Spotlight ~ ~ ~

Sell your things for Dogecoin. Similar to eBay/craigslist, but with Dogecoin.

r0ok Clothing Co.
Mental Health Awarness Clothes. Part of the monthly profits get donated to charities.

~ ~ ~ Automobile ~ ~ ~

BitCars - Luxury Cars & Oldtimers
Cue Anthony Racing - Over 32000 Auto, SUV, Truck, & UTV/ATV Aftermarket Performance Parts & Accessories
Ksport USA - Auto Parts Seller like suspension, brake and air ride systems and more
Pay Later Tires - Tires
ShineAuto - Vehicle paint correcting, polishing and ceramic coatings. Located in Maidstone, UK.

~ ~ ~ Beds ~ ~ ~

Best Sleep Centre - Mattresses, Beds, Pillows and more
Bolster - Hybrid Mattress
Essential Sleep - Mattresses, Pillows
Putnams - Mattresses, Pillows and more

~ ~ ~ Clothing ~ ~ ~

1337 Fashion - Various Clothes and merch
AirbrushCustoms - Custom Airbrushed T shirts, Hats, Hoodies, and more
Akumu Ink Clothing - Nightmare Inspired Art Clothing
Alien Carp - Angler Clothing, Shirts, Mugs and more
Alive & More - Artistic Clothes
Atheist Shoes - Handmade, Bauhaus-inspired Shoes
AuthenticSolo - Various Clothes
BedlamThreadz - Shirts, Caps and Accessories
Bonocler Eyewear - Swiss Glasses Store
Bottega Senatore - Handmade Italian Leather Shoes
BTFD.shop - Crypto Shirts, Mugs and Stickers
ClockworkCrypto - Crypto Clothes and merch
Coin Monster - Crypto Clothes
CrownLifestyle - Beach Articles, Bikinis, Swimsuits, Towels etc.
CryptoBantam - Crypto Clothes
CryptoLife - Crypto Clothes, Cups and more
CryptoVerge - Bitcoin Shirts
CryptoWardrobe - Crypto Shirts, Hoodies, Mugs, Hats, Socks
Culture Kings - Streetwear, Sneakers and more
Diego Vanissabara - Shoes
DogeSwag - Doge/Crypto Shirts and Mugs
DogeToMars - Doge(coin) Shirts, Hats, Face Masks
Doge Wares - Dogecoin Hat
DogeWow - Doge(coin) Shirts
Eat Me Clothing - Huge Clothing Sortiment
Elevenplus Shop - Water repellent, breathable and washable face masks
Frank & Beans - Underwear
Girl Meets Dress - UK Luxury Dress Hire Store
HippTee - Crypto Shirts
Jay Kirby - Cufflinks, Ties & Bow Ties
KALEIDOO - Vintage Clothing
Kandykorn.Shop - Custom Underground Clothing
Kryptoez - Socks
Krypto Threadz - Crypto Clothes
Masks by Sharon - Custom Made Face Masks
MyCoconutHeart - Womens Clothing
My Dogecoin Rocks - Dogecoin Clothes and Accessories
Ode Clothing - Various Clothes
ParkAndFinch - Glasses
Poisonous Pinups - Poisonous Pinups Clothing
Print-Ted - Crypto clothes collection and Design your own shirt
r0ok Clothing Co. - Mental Health Awarness Clothes
Sakama - Leather Jackets & Handknotted Rugs
Shadowwork - Various Clothes
Shop StoryV - Womens Travel Apparel and more
Siam Secrets Apparel - Summer and Beach Fashion
The Scarf Boutique - Silk Scarves
The Stonk Shop - Doge Shirts, Hoodies and Hats
zeroconfs - Crypto Clothing, Mugs, Hats

~ ~ ~ Crypto Hardware Wallets ~ ~ ~

CoolWallet - Hardware Wallet (buyable with Dogecoin, but not supporting Dogecoin)
KeepKey - Hardware Wallet (buyable with Dogecoin and supporting Dogecoin)
Ledger - Hardware Wallet (buyable with Dogecoin and supporting Dogecoin)
SafePal.io - Hardware Wallet (buyable with Dogecoin and supporting Dogecoin)

~ ~ ~ Dogecoin Payment Providers ~ ~ ~

Bitpay.com - 5 different coins, 1% fee, fiat conversion options, wide variety of store plugins
CoinGate.com - 50+ different coins, 1% fee, fiat conversion options, wide variety of store plugins
Coinify.com - 10 different coins, no fees, daily/weekly fiat conversion options
Coinpayments.net - 2055+ different coins, 0.5% fee, fiat conversion options, wide variety of store plugins
CoinRemitter.com - 9 different coins, 0.23% fee, no KYC, wide variety of store plugins
Coinspaid.com - 17 different coins, fiat conversion options, wide variety of store plugins
CryptocurrencyCheckout.com - 50+ different coins, no fees, fiat conversion options, wide variety of store plugins
Globee.com - 7 different coins, 1% fee, fiat conversion options, wide variety of store plugins
GoUrl.io - 12 different coins, 1.5% fee, fiat conversion options, wide variety of store plugins
NowPayments.io - 50+ different coins, 0.4%-0.5% fee, instant payouts, fiat conversion options, wide variety of store plugins
PayKassa.pro - 10 different coins, 4% fee, fiat conversion options, wide variety of store plugins
Plisio.net - 8 different coins, 0.5% fee, wide variety of store plugins
ProDoge - 7 different coins, no fees, website widget, mobile app
SwirlPay - 18 different coins, p2p, no fees

~ ~ ~ Donating ~ ~ ~

Animal Neotropical - D5ivRQwT4TU8CEjNBhorpMKSe8bVkMYURQ
archive.org - via changelly
Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation - via Bitpay
AntiWokeSamaritans - D5wHD2pX8bEKmL5DBBGqV3mjMizjNcam1e
Assertive Kids Foundation - DKyLXgCCgBSPbBujg1YbjRNfrhxFtnVGQk
CARE - via Bitpay
Cleveland Metroparks - via Bitpay
Crohn's & Colitis Foundation - via Bitpay
DogecoinSocksForTheHomeless - 9vnaTWu71XWimFCW3hctSxryQgYg7rRZ7y
GiveDirectly - DJbsZJVxMaRqY1tZXQDk8wZVjU5cJdxKKw
Good Doge (Animal Shelters) - DRRY838tP39h7tLteVqBkWLimkCCD7zydh
Greenfield Cities - DG1Q8MBkQms8QAfJ39DZ3ACpWKt4h5hZ9j
Humane Society Tampa - via Bitpay
Kamikaze Comics - DC8Tuid8X3Qwnpo5cvBum19w2LRWXfepqr
Karam Foundation - via Bitpay
Kennel To Couch - DP9zHA3cJ3Nc5otkphEXQYDWRX5dN7XHzp
Landon Fund - via Bitpay
LibreOffice - via CoinGate
Mozilla Foundation - via Bitpay
MyBrowserAddon - DPF4dBYNrF5exg2mZ5S1px1oS41UsbVzg2
Nyan.cat - D6aG2swnBPnZVQ8xSChx87XEMgeDwruHLG
One Tail at a Time - DCbne9T6FknmjQipgpH1rhBDx2MBEQhFaS
Rainforest Foundation - DBUkMjJQj3xLR8bb9u3o8FJ11XvGGE9L9v
Rainforest Partnership - via coinpayments
Reddit Enhancement Suite - DNmr7pr6b2MKojd1YaLuSuBCgwDnkt3gYb
Room To Read - via Bitpay
Saltlake City Mission - via coinpayments
Son of a Saint - via Bitpay
The Humane League - via Bitpay
The Ocean Cleanup - DNqzuPJ3aUQBcj2t43UJsXKdFAw6PfeXQe
The Skatepark Project - via Bitpay
Thorn.org - via Bitpay
University of Illinois - via Bitpay
WikiMedia Foundation - via Bitpay

~ ~ ~ Food ~ ~ ~

35North - Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Blockchain Coffee - Coffee
BringTheBeers - Beers delivered in the Southern New Hampshire area
BTC Wine - French Wine
Coffeeur - Coffee
CoffeeZyme - Coffee
Devbrew Coffee - Coffee
DrApis - Raw Portuguese Bee Honey
Hearth and Pantry - Honey, Hot Sauce, Jam, Syrup, Seasoning and more
Henderson Inlet Crayfish - Wild caught Crayfish
IDGAF - Random $20 food delivery
Inserrata - Italian Wine and Oil
La-Boutique - Canadian Coffee
Le Millesime Paris - Vintage French Wines
Lieferando - Food Delivery Service in 13 different countries
Menufy - US Food Delivery Service
Morena Kawhe - Coffee
New Mexico Tea Company - Tea and accessories
Nutella for Doge - Buy Nutella with Dogecoin
PexPeppers - Hot Sauces
SaffronStore - Saffron
Shiba Coffee and Tea - Coffee and Tea
Sour.gg - Sour Candy
Specialty Sodas - Sodas
Suasa - Portugues shop selling indonesian food
Teecetera - Austrian tea shop
The Green Witch Seed - Various Food and Flower Seeds
WackySauces - Hot Sauces

~ ~ ~ Gaming ~ ~ ~

1stpal - Game Keys and Gift Cards
8BitDo - French Retro Products
Allgamer - Game Servers
CJS CD Keys - Steam/Origin/Uplay Games/Keys
Gamerall - CSGO Items, TF2 Items, DOTA Items, Rust Items and much more
Gamesonly.at - Steam/Origin/Uplay Games/Keys
GMDice - Gaming Dice and Miniatures
Keys4Coins - Steam/Origin/Uplay Games/Keys
MetallicDiceGames - Premium Gaming Dice
MMOGA - Steam/Origin/Uplay Games/Keys
Monster.Tech - Flight Sim and Racing accessories
Play-Asia - Video Games, Keys and more
Ruins of Chaos - War browsergame, with premium currency purchasable with Dogecoin and an integrated Dogecoin Faucet
SimRai - Game Servers
Skinport - Game Items and Skins
Stranger Games - Classic Video Games, Collectibles and Funko Pops
Torn.com - Real-life, text based browser game. Premium account upgrade purchasable with Dogecoin.

~ ~ ~ Gift Cards ~ ~ ~

Bitrefill - 3000+ Worldwide Gift Cards including Walmart, Amazon, Apple, Steam, eBay, Uber and many more
CoinCards - Mainly US and Canada Gift Cards
CoinGate - 500+ Worldwide Gift Cards
CoinsBee - 500+ Worldwide Gift Cards
GiftOff - 450+ Worldwide Gift Cards
JapanGiftCard - Mainly Japan Gift Cards
TurGame - Mainly Turkey Gift Cards

~ ~ ~ Health Care ~ ~ ~

Cov.Care - Medical Supplies
PSAwear - German FFP2 Masks Store
Roche's Chemist - Pharmacy

~ ~ ~ Jewelry ~ ~ ~

AceJewelers - Jewelry and Watches
BitDials - Jewelry, Luxury Watches, Bags etc.
CRMJewelers - Jewelry and Watches
Glamcarat - Personalized Silver Jewelry
Icebox - Jewelry and Watches
Jens Hansen - High Quality Jewelry including the ring from the "The Lord of The Rings" movie
Jewelry Affairs - Jewelry
Multycolored - Jewelry, Shirts and Decoration
Regent Jewelers - Jewelry, Engagement Rings and Watches
Royani - Jewelry and Watches

~ ~ ~ Merch ~ ~ ~

BlockchainStuff - Crypto merch, Shirts, Hoodies, Socks, Caps, Mugs, Clocks
Bulldoge Apparel - Doge(coin) merch, Shirts, Necklace, Mugs, Stickers
CoinVibe - Crypto Merch, Key Chain, Stickers
CryptoHolic - Crypto Merch, Shirts, Hoodies, Mugs, Face Masks and much more
CryptoShopper - Crypto Merch, Shirts, Mugs, Pins
CypherMarket - Crypto Shirts, Bags and Mugs
Dallas Mavericks Shop - Official Merch Store for NBA Team "Dallas Mavericks"
Hodl2DMoon - Crypto Merch, Shirts, Shoes, Caps, Rings, Hats, Necklaces
Ninetees Kid - Various Merch, Shirts, Hoodies, Caps, Key Tags
Olympian Bitcoin - Crypto Merch, Shirts, Pillows, Mugs, Hats, Socks
ruffi0 - ruffi0 Merch, Shirts, Bags, Stickers and more
Such Doge Mart - Doge(coin) Merch, Shirts, Stickers, Mugs
x25 Esports - x25 Merch, Jersey, Shirts, Mousepad

~ ~ ~ Pets ~ ~ ~

Chewbysnacks - Homemade Dog Treats
Finn - Dog Nutrition Products
HSC Canada - Dog and Cat Accessories, Beds, Feeders, Toys and more
NaturalPetShop - Australian based dog bed online store
Pawfect Pals - Dog Accessories, Toys, Leads, Beds and more
PuppySnackers - Homemade Dog Treats

~ ~ ~ Smoking ~ ~ ~

Cigar Manor - Cigars and Accessories
Frontier Vapor - Vape Accessories, E-Liquid
RX Vape - Vape Products, Vape Juice, DIY
Texas T Extracts - Vape Juice
Vape Crypto - Vape Products, E-Liquid
VapePENstore - Vape Products
Vapour Depot - Vape Products, E-Liquid

~ ~ ~ Tech Stores ~ ~ ~

Daria Microphones - Microphones
DasKeyboard - Keyboards and accessories
Digitech4All - Greek Online Tech Store
DirectVoltage - Lasers, 3DPrinting, Robotics, CNC, Arduino, Solar cells and more
Dorset - Wide Variety of Tech Articles
DS Tec - Spanish Online Tech Store
EvoMiners - Cryptocurrency Mining Hardware Store
FastTech - Wide Variety of Tech Articles
FilamentOne - 3D Printers and accessories
Flashquark - Keyboards and accessories
IncheonBitcoinShop - ASIC Miners, Printers, Kitchen Supplies and much more
MiniPC.eu - Mini PCs
Newegg - Computer and Electronics store
Omnitype - Keyboards and accessories
Pi-Supply - Raspberry Pi and accessories
Scan UK - PC components and more
Webhallen - Swedish Tech Store

~ ~ ~ Traveling ~ ~ ~

AirBaltic - Flag carrier airline of Latvia. Dogecoin payment option for GREEN and GREEN plus tickets.
Amber Hotel - Swiss Ski and Spa Hotel
Bitcoin.travel - Flight and Hotel Booking
Crypto Cruise Deals - Cruises
Crypto Turismo - Flight and Hotel Booking
Delphin Imperial - 5 Star Resort Hotel in Antalya, Turkey
Fast Private Jet - Private Jet Service
Greitai - Lithuanian Travel Site with Flight and Hotel Booking
Jet Finder - Private Jet Charter
Qeeq - Car Rentals Worldwide
Simple Jet - Private Jet Charter
The Yacht Break - Sailing Holidays in Croatia
Travala - Flight and Hotel Booking
VeniceJets - Private Jet Charter

~ ~ ~ VPN/Proxy ~ ~ ~

Anonine - VPN
AzireVPN - VPN
BlackVPN - VPN
Borderless VPN - VPN
CactusVPN - VPN
Cryptostorm - VPN
CyberGhost - VPN
DeepWebVPN - VPN
ExpressVPN - VPN
FrootVPN - VPN
Hide.me - VPN
HideMy.name - VPN
Ivacy - VPN
LiquidVPN - VPN
Perfect Privacy - VPN
Private Internet Access - VPN
Proxied Network - Proxy
SaferVPN - VPN
SlickVPN - VPN
Surfshark - VPN
TorGuard - VPN
Transflower - VPN
VPN Access - VPN
VPNShazam - VPN
VPNTunnel - VPN
Xeovo - VPN

~ ~ ~ Watches ~ ~ ~

IFL Watches - Watches and Accessories
Pita Barcelona - Custom Made Luxury Watches
Precizn - Swiss Watches
Project O - Futuristic Watches
Timepiece Bank - Luxury Watches
Urwerk - High Quality Swiss Watches

~ ~ ~ Web Hosting ~ ~ ~

97cents - Web Hosting
AbacoHosting - Web Hosting, Reseller-Hosting, Business Email, SSL Certificates
AltusHost - Web Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Website Builder, SSL Certificates
AviarHost - Web Hosting, Reseller-Hosting
Bacloud - Web Hosting, SSL Certificates
BeeHosting - Web Hosting, Dedicated Servers
Bytesized Hosting - Web Hosting, VPN
Bithost.io - Web Hosting
Centohost - Web Hosting, Reseller-Hosting
Cinfu - Web Hosting, Dedicated Servers
Coin.Host - Web Hosting, DDOS Protection
CoinHost.io - Web Hosting, Domain Service
Crowncloud - Web Hosting, Reseller-Hosting
CryptoCloudHosting - Web Hosting
DeinServerHost - Web Hosting, Gameserver, vServer, Rootserver, Domain Service
EuroHoster - Web Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Domain Service, SSL Certificates
Evolution Host - Web Hosting, Gameserver, VDS Hosting, DDOS Protection
Flokinet.is - Web Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Teamspeak, Voip, DDOS Protection
Gandi - Web Hosting, Domain Service
GeeksHosted - Web Hosting, Dedicated Servers, SEO Services
Ginernet - Web Hosting, Reseller-Hosting, Domain Service
GlowHost - Web Hosting, Domain Service, SSL Certificates
HawkHost - Web Hosting, Domain Service, SSL Certificates
Hostdens - Web Hosting, Reseller-Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Business Email, SSL Certificates
HosterBox - Web Hosting, Reseller-Hosting, Dedicated Servers
Hosterium - Web Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Domain Service
Host Havoc - Web Hosting, Game Servers
Hosting.co.uk - Web Hosting, Reseller-Hosting, Dedicated Servers, SSL Certificates, VPN, SEO Services
Hosting24 - Web Hosting, Reseller-Hosting, Domain Service
Hostinger - Web Hosting, Online Store and Website Builder, Email Service, Domain Service, Minecraft Hosting
Hosting Idol - Web Hosting, SSL Certificates
Hosting SSi - Venezuelan Web Hosting, Reseller-Hosting, Domain Service
Hostiso - Web Hosting, uVPS, VPN, SEO Services
Hostkey - Web Hosting, Dedicated Servers
HostMeNow - Web Hosting, SSL Certificates
Hostsailor - Web Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Reseller-Hosting, SSL Certificates
HostStage - Web Hosting, SSL Certificates
Hostwinds - Web Hosting, Reseller-Hosting, SSL Certificates
Hostzealot - Web Hosting, Dedicated Servers, SSL Certificates
IDF Private Hosting - Web Hosting, Seedbox Servers
Impreza - Web Hosting, Offshore Hosting, TOR Hosting
Inception Hosting - Web Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Domain Service
Linevast - German Web Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Domain Service
LuHoster - Web Hosting, Domain Service
Maxko Hosting - Web Hosting, Dedicated Servers
Mean Servers - Web Hosting, Dedicated Servers, SSL Certificates
Motov - Web Hosting, Dedicated Servers
MrChrissyHosting - Web Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Domain Service
Namecheap - Web Hosting, Domain Service, VPN
Neoserv - Slovenian Web Host
Privex - Private Cloud Hosting
QHoster - Web Hosting, Reseller-Hosting, Dedicated Servers, SSL Certificates
RadWebHosting - Web Hosting, Reseller-Hosting, Dedicated Servers
RockHoster - Web Hosting, Domain Service, VPN
Routerhosting - Web Hosting
SCOHosting - Web Hosting, Domain Service, Dedicated Servers
Snel - Web Hosting, Domain Service, Reseller-Hosting, Dedicated Servers
THCservers - Web Hosting, Domain Service, Reseller-Hosting, Online Store Builder, SSL Certificates
TMT Hosting - Web Hosting, Domain Service, Dedicated Servers
USHost247 - Web Hosting, Domain Service, SSL Certificates, VPN, Website Builder
ValueHosted - Web Hosting, Reseller-Hosting, SSL Certificates, DDOS Protection
VantageVPS - Web Hosting, Domain Service
WDMSH - Web Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Shoutcast Streaming
Web4Africa - Web Hosting, Domain Service, SSL Certificates
XetHost - Web Hosting, Dedicated Servers
ZamaHost - Web Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Domain Service, SSL Certificates

~ ~ ~ Misc ~ ~ ~

1BillionSubscribers - Water-Proof Paper Boat
A86 - 3D-printed miniature figures
AlmightyBoost - All Natural Male Testosterone Booster
Aloha Tuners - Cute Instrument Tuners
Atlantis - General Online Store, Clothing, Electronics, Pet Supplies, Health Care and more
AYR Gamers Guild - 3D printed miniatures, terrain and gaming accessories
Badfish Supply - Fishing Gear
Bandicam - Screen Recording Software
Beliani - Furniture and Accessories
BitStore - General Store with option to pay nearly everything you want online with Dogecoin
BlockchainAdventures - "Toshi to the moon" book and merch
Boatsters - Rent luxury yachts
Boost Athletics - Gym Apparel and Equipment
BP Fragrance - Dutch perfumes shop
Bullion79 - Gold Coins, Gold Bars, etc.
Carrozza Surfboards - Surfboards, Accessories and Apparel
Chip.tax - Full-service firm
CleanItSupply - Cleaning Supplies
Coinality - Jobs for crypto
CoinOK - Various Dogecoin Articles
CoolStuffJapan - Japanese store, food, snacks, cushions, toys and more
CR Construction - Home Inspection company located in Santa Clarita, LA/California
CryptoArt - Crypto Art
CryptoReads - Digital Books
DogecoinList - Craigslist Dogecoin Edition
ExpressBitcoinPostage - Shipping Labels from UPS, USPS and Hongkong Post
Galaxus - Swiss Home Supply Store
Gluecksmagie - German lucky charms store
GPS Tracking Made Easy - Easy & Simple GPS Tracker Kits
GreenBelt Outdoors - Camping, Kayaking and more
Handtrucks2Go - Hand Trucks, Carts, Lifts and more
Idoneus - Luxury Assets, Goods & Services
Jobgate - Job Market payed with Dogecoins
Just BIBS - Pacifiers
Kalimbera - Kalimba/Thumb Piano store
Kivaka - Bodypiercing-Studio in Aurora, Illinois. Book an appointment online and pay with Dogecoin.
Kronos Advanced Technologies - Air purifier and filter
KUMA Knives - Damascus steel knives
LivingRoomOfSatoshi - Pay basically every bill in Australia with Dogecoin
Long Beach Neon - LED and Neon Signs
Longhouse Media - Web Design, SEO and Marketing Consulting
Lue's House of International Decor - Decor Articles
Lush - Handmade Cosmetics
Lynx Art Collection - Art
MobiSun - Solar Panels, Power Banks, Solar Generators
Molecule Store - Various Articles about molecules
MPMSouvenir - Italian gift shop
MyLegalEdge - Provider of online legal documents and forms
OceanKing - Vitamin Supplements, Dairy Products, Manuka Honey and Skincare
Peername - Blockchain-Based Domain Names
PEPship - General Store
Round The Block - Buy gift cards & pay basically every bill in Australia with Dogecoin
Ryan London - Leather goods store located in London
Shibe Mint - Physical Dogecoins
ShopOfThings - Electronic Tech Parts
ShutUpAndTakeMyMoney - Cool Gadgets and Geeky Products
SphinxGadgets - Random Password Generator
Squadron Soap - Australian Shaving Soap
SSL Dragon - SSL Certificates
SugarTrends - Huge local stores online marketplace
Sunshine Soul - Homemade Candles
Team JB Hobbies - Papercrafting, RC Cars and Chess Accessories
ThaiBaM - Coffee, Tea, Oils, Balms etc.
Top Loader Sports - Sports and Doge Trading Cards
TormentBox - Various prank articles like glitter letters etc.
Trick Mugs - Mugs that change their look when filled up
Twitch.tv - Subscriptions and Premium Currency via Dogecoin
USAStrong - US-made megastore, clothing, home supplies, pet supplies and more
Varle.lt - Lithuanian General and Tech Store
WikiLeaks Shop - Official Shirts, Mugs, Stickers, Posters, etc.
WildGears - Drawing Gears
ZenMarket - Japanese Proxy Buying Service


All links are provided with the best of my knowledge.
Please make sure to check the shops listed here yourself again, before spending your Dogecoins there.
In no way should the admin of this website be responsible for any fraudulently activities from any listed shop.

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